DIG, Bryan’s third collection of poetry, will be out in September of 2016 from Stillhouse Press.

My Life as Adam, Bryan’s first collection of poetry, was honored by the American Library Association with inclusion on its first annual “Over the Rainbow” book list, one of only five books of poetry on the list.

Less Fortunate Pirates: Poems from the First Year Without My Father,  Bryan’s second book, was published in 2010.

Lady Business: A Celebration of Lesbian Poetry, edited by Bryan, was honored by the American Library Association with inclusion on its third annual “Over the Rainbow” book list.

Joy Exhaustible, co-edited with Seth Pennington, was honored by the American Library Association with inclusion on its fifth annual “Over the Rainbow” book list.

Bryan is founding editor of Assaracus, the only print journal in the world dedicated exclusively to gay men’s poetry. Assaracus was named as a 2011 BEST NEW MAGAZINE by Library Journal.

Bryan was named a 2015 Lambda Literary Fellow in Poetry.

“Dive” – The Arkansas Times

“Satellites Passing Overhead”The Advocate

“Eulogy to Darkness” appears in WILDE Magazine: The Erotica Issue 2014

“Communion,” “The Waiter, The Revolutionary, the Legislator, & the Poet,” and “Animals” – OCHO

“Flying Over Wyoming,” “Wedding Eve (A Bach Concert),” “This Telepathy is Intrusive (A Double Date),” and “Adrienne Responds” – Chiron Review (Winter 2014), with “Flying Over Wyoming” and “Wedding Eve” nominated for Pushcart Prizes.

“Easter in Your Home(town)”Chelsea Station

“Eat the Whole World Bit by Bit”  – Come Hear! Number 8: A Collection of Poems from the Public Reading Curated by Nathaniel A. Siegel & Regie Cabico at the 6th Annual Rainbow Book Fair

“Isherwood Journals” – The Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide (March/April 2014)

“Mirror Boys” and “I’ll Tell  Your Brother Years from Now” – The Good Men Project

“Supper” – Central Arkansas Broadside Project (Forthcoming)

“Instructions on How to Approach the Bereaved” – gard (Turkish Translation)

“The Jumpers” – Between: New Gay Poetry edited by Jameson Currier

“Lonoke” and “Tempest” – Glitterwolf (Issue 4)

“Acoustics”Amsterdam Quarterly (Issue 6 and 2013 Yearbook)

“Gingham Hanky, Right Pocket” and “Gold Lame Hanky, Left Pocket” – Weave Magazine (July 2013)

“I’ll Tell Your Brother Years from Now” – RHINO (April 2013)

“Get Whatever You Want” – A Sharp Piece of Awesome (May 2012)

“The Lady Chablis” – The Nervous Breakdown.

“Olive Hanky, Right Pocket” was published in Volume 18, Issue 1 of Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide.

“Sex” – Alice Shapiro’s Saltian (Responsive Poem)

“After War” – Alice Shapiro’s Saltian (Responsive Poem)

“Memorial Day” –  One Pause Poetry Archive

“Instructions on How to Approach the Bereaved,” “Recalling a Last Conversation Between Father and Son,” “Introducing a Grandson to His Grandfather,” “Spared,” and “The Day Cemeteries Change” – Contemporary American Voices (June 2012)

“The Morning I Stare at the Water for Hours” – vox poetica’s inspirations: images & words (collection 3, fall 2011)

“The Morning I Stare at the Water for Hours” – Nominated for a Pushcart Prize by unbound Content

“The Crusades,” “Olive Hanky, Right Pocket,” “If Next Year He Goes,” and a short essay titled “9/11/2001” appear in the anthology Conversations at a Wartime Cafe, edited by Sean Labrador y Manzano

“On the Pulse of My Morning: Bryan Borland on Maya Angelou” – Michael Montlack’s Divining Divas: 100 Gay Poets on Their Muses ( Lethe Press, 2012)

“Mark’s Birthday,” “The Book of Bradley,” “We Planted These Trees by Hand,” “Mother-in-Law,” “Hetero,” “Before the Repeal of DADT,” “We Left Early,” “The Book of Dmitri,” “National Coming Out Day, 1998,” and “An Outsider’s Guide to Gay Marriage” – Assaracus Issue 03

“Residuals” – Young American Poets

“Dark Horse” – Winter 2010 issue of The Battered Suitcase

“Engaged Couple Goes to the Movies” – Referential Magazine

“Levi” and “Blood” were published at Velvet Mafia. “White Hanky with Multi-Colored Dots, Left Pocket (Hosting an Orgy)”; “Blue Hanky, Left Pocket (Top)”; and “Medium Blue Hanky, Wadded Up and Forced into My Mouth (Cop Fetish)” were also published at Velvet Mafia. Velvet Mafia is no longer found online, but for years it provided a necessary venue for gay poetry.

“Autumn,” “There was a Moment of Tenderness,” “My Life as Adam,” “The Dead Sea Scrolls,” and “Atonement” were originally accepted to appear in Ganymede #8 – but instead, following the death of Ganymede editor John Stahle, were published in Ganymede Unfinished with “Reasons My Father Did Not Commit Suicide,” “The Day I Start My Business,” and “On Being Intimate in the Company of Ghosts.”

“If River Phoenix Had Lived” and “Watching Brokeback Mountain in Little Rock” – Shape of a Box. “Watching Brokeback Mountain in Little Rock” was nominated for a Best of the Net award

“Lust in Translation,” which is included in My Life as Adam as “Speaking in Tongues” – qarrtsiluni‘s Words of Power issue

“FAG/HAG” and “Splattered” – Fag Hag:  A Scandalous Chapbook of Fabulously-Codependent Poetry

“Desplome,” “David” (“The Book of David” in Adam), and “Astronaughty” can be heard in the July 23, 2009, playlist of Wordsalad.

“Spammed”  The Moose and Pussy (Issue 4)

“Sam” (“The Book of Sam” in Adam), “Bite,” and “Marks of the Beast” – Breadcrumb Scabs (Issue 9)

“Bite” – Ganymede 

“Phantom Limbs of Family Trees,” “Birdsong,” “Grapes of Comfort,” “My Companion Piece,” and “Weeds” appear at vox poetica. “Weeds” was nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

“Weeds” was also featured as part of “The Change Interviews,” a project by poet Alice Shapiro.

“Morning Coffee” and “Ink Received from the Editor’s Pen” – Young American Poets

“If Next Year He Goes,” “Salsa,” and “Thank You” – The Foliate Oak

“Teenage Boys” (“Altar Boys” in Adam) – Legends of Contemporary Poetry

“Holden” – Poet Verse

Eric Knechtges, Professor of Music Theory and Composition at Northern Kentucky University, composed and staged a recital piece for narrator and viola around “Teenage Boys,” “Strings,” and “Morning Coffee.” He also introduced the group Conundrum to my poem, “Simon,” and they built a piece around it and performed it at the 2010 Cal State Fresno New Music Festival.

Check out Issue 41 of Shape of a Box, in which Bryan lends his voice to the poetry of Rane Arroyo

“Bite” – Ganymede Poets, One

“Eric” – Ink Node

“FAG/HAG” – Ink Node